Who was Fala?

Take a look at the two dogs below.

Which one looks like a Presidential dog?

Scottie terrier
Jack Russell Terrier

The top picture, not the bottom, shows the breed of dog that was Franklin Roosevelt’s dog. His cousin, Daisy Suckley gave him the dog in 1940 at the rise of WWII. Fala was famously the subject of fake news. It was claimed that Roosevelt left him behind, following a meeting on the Canadian borders with Churchill. According to the press, a submarine was sent to collect the dog at a cost of $22,000.

Entirely fake story.

Equally famously, all Presidents of the USA have had a presidential dog since FDR with the exception of President Trump. Was that an election breaker? I couldn’t possibly comment.

Today, spare a thought for the fake news being used to justify the invasion of Ukraine. Fake news has been around so long, you’d think the world could weed it out in 2022.

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