Recording their story.

It is said that History favours the winners. As we watch the Western media roll out the story of Ukraine, and the Russian media roll out their startling different story, we know we are seeing bias. We don’t know who will win.

But it is easy to see the losers.

I saw a photograph of a child, alone, on a train platform in Ukraine looking to get to safety in Poland. And then what? I’ll possibly never know. It reminded me of the the book by Ian Serraillier, ‘The Silver Sword’, where the author outlines the life of unaccompanied children in WWII travelling from Poland to Switzerland to try to meet up with their family. As a children’s classic, it has a happy ending. But for thousands, history and the media omits to record their endings. What will happen to this generation of traumatised children? Long after Putin has died, there will be adults saying, ‘I was a child, I saw what happened.’ And it will be the novelists, not the historians or the politicians, who will tell their story in such a way that we never forget them.

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