Politics for Dummies

A game for 3 players

First start with 3 face cards: Boris, Putin, Trump

Next: attribute each of the comments below to one of the above.

‘No matter what you say or do, I am in charge.’

‘I will break apart international trade agreements because they weren’t advantageous to us in the first place. Who needs Europe anyway?’

‘Let’s make public protests illegal on the grounds that they are 1) a waste of public money and 2) a waste of time.

(NB all comments are paraphrased)

This game should not be played with a) people who always think they are right  b) anyone who only watches Fox News & other single party media  c) someone who packs a gun.

Have you discovered how to be the real winner?

And just for the record, fake news was common place in Franklin Roosevelt’s era. (1940’s) There’s nothing new under the sun.

And PS – I don’t think any of those leaders are dumb (ignore the words in the picture). I think these men know exactly what they want & they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals (which may or may not be yours.)

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