For the love of Opera

On Saturday 16th September, I went to London for the launch of Julie Anderson’s latest book entitled OPERA. It is the third in a series about investigator Cassandra Fortune. What sets Julie’s series apart from others in the crime genre is the amazing behind-the-scenes detail of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster. You get the distinct feeling that this is how Government really functions.

The series so far

The writer, Julie Anderson, was a senior civil servant in Whitehall for many years and it shows. Her books are akin to John Le Carre novels in their depth and intelligence.

Julie Anderson (left) answering questions

The Book Launch was in a delightful church in Clapham, and we were treated to professional opera singers singing extracts of Tosca (which features in Opera). This was followed by a fascinating Question and Answer session with the author herself. The whole evening was a treat.

But the real treat is reading the books. If you haven’t read any of the Cassandra Fortune novels, what are you waiting for? Get a drink and a nibble and settle down for as long as it takes. Start with Plague, then read Oracle and finally to Opera, all three novels are completely plausible and totally compulsive, featuring Cassandra Fortune pitting her wits against those who seek power at any cost. (PS. When’s the TV series?)

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