Anthology Coffee Shop, Detroit

The phrase ‘only in America’ is often cited in England, but what about ‘Only in Detroit’?

Detroit is a fabulous city, totally changed from its historic reputation of a press of people and a car manufacturing industrial hub. Now it is home to many entrepreneurs, some of whom have set up individual coffee shops.

Today I went into Anthology, which has a lunar landscape with space to breathe – a contradiction in terms, but a wonderful place. Detroit has space. Formerly, a city of three million, now it is home to 700,000. So there is room to live here, and space is what so many of us crave. Space to think, space to breathe, space to be creative without others jogging your elbow.

And tea – Anthology is a coffee shop, but it serves tea in a Japanese style. Quirky, different and good for the soul. Just like this city.

As I write this, I am coming to the end of 2022. I think back over the past year, and imagine that Daisy Suckley would go home to Wilderstein, her home, that provided a great deal of space and riverside views. (Daisy Chain, published March 2023, Claret Press)

I know that isn’t the province of many of us today. So if you can’t come to Detroit, find somewhere like Anthology, have some tea or coffee, and take a moment to close your eyes and I wish you all the blessings of space in 2023.

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